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Convenient Walk from Cruise Ships & Easy Beach Parking

Key West Parasailing gets you in the air for a watersports adventure of a lifetime. Imagine flying high over beautiful Key West. Parasailing the southernmost waters in the U.S.A. is a thrill.  We gently lift you above the Key West waters for an unbelievable view of the island and it's unique landmarks, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Wild dolphins and sea turtles swimming in the beautifully clear waters below are easily spotted.

Key West Parasailing starts every day at 9:00 AM. Every day of the week, every hour on the hour. Please check-in 30 minutes before departure time. Call us and we will direct you to the closest location. Photo I.D. is mandatory as required by law.

Parasail Solo or fly Tandem with a friend. It's your choice. Solo or Tandem are available at all locations. Book early for the preferred time and number of seats you will enjoy. 

Key West Parasailing departs from several convenient locations on the island.
Easy parking, short walking distances from the cruise ships and great customer service have made Key West Parasailing one of the most popular watersports activities in Key West. 

Key West offers exceptional parasailing conditions. Enjoy warm water temperatures, balmy breezes, and clear, sunny skies throughout the year. Be sure to bring a camera to capture the beauty of the adventure or ask the crew to video your adventure.

Key West Parasailing boats are custom-built parasailing boats. Designed especially for the Key West waters, no other boats on the island provide such a smooth, comfortable ride. Operated by experienced parasail captains and crews, you enjoy the best technology.

All Key West Parasailing equipment is U.S. Coast Guard approved and inspected. 
All Ages and Sizes have a safe & stable flight.

Perfectly maintained, state-of-the-art harness seats provide everyone with an easy lift off and easy safe landing. No experience needed.
Sling style seats called harnesses secure riders for a comfortable ride. All ages can safely and comfortably enjoy one of Key West's most popular watersports activities.

Parasail riders choose whether to stay high and dry or get wet. If a refreshing dip in the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean while parasailing will make the experience more fun, simply ask the captain to lower you into the water for a quick plunge or two. It is up to each rider how wild or serene the parasail ride. So, relax and enjoy a safe, fun watersports activity

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Key West Parasailing
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